Sunday, December 27, 2009


Tell me when nobody is there for you,
tell me when you don't believe in God anymore,
tell me when you can't hope for anything.

As I started to wish, I decided to stop wishing,
I learned to understand life,
but I know it is never understandable.

I may travel to places, unseen.
Disappear when I tried.
Give up when I want.

Still, only a few care,
how both wisdom and philosophy consume your soul.
And so I care less about them.

I dive back to the place where I think I belong.
With both pleasure and insanity.
That's how it is now, so comfortable.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I tried to remember everyone,
every single friend of mine,
yet years come to pass.

I still remember them clearly, one by one.
As one by one started to forget me,

In the end,
if they don't remember me,
I'll pretend that I don't remember them too.

And we've became strangers.
What if I'm already forgotten?

What if I've already forgotten?
But that never happens.

I still remember.
I hope they still remember.
Though, I pretend not to.