Sunday, March 29, 2009


I know then, that's what my brother said.
but I always think, I never know.
Definitely lose one life, I should.

Though, I care nothing anymore.
What's so no-fun about life?
Life is just fun, and that's the only reason for me to live.

Like I'd have to care for those who aren't themselves.
Training for the greater good.
So I'd have to care for stories and thoughts.

While imagination takes part,
time flows as if only it really exists.
Maybe I'd like to do myself an art.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Life Poem

I've heard of tales and stories,
the beauty of it all,
heaven and paradise.

The comrades and warlords,
the kings and queens,
princes and princesses.

Worlds of happiness,
to treasure them all,
with high morality and advice.

From just beggars,
to the religious leaders,
then to the wisest ones.

But what I've mistaken,
no story could replace an experience,
no wise man could replace a friend,

no Hero could replace an ally,
no Villain could replace an enemy,
no Side-Character could replace just a single ant,

nothing could replace anything,
no God could replace one's self,
no Heaven could replace one's life.

Your life's your treasure, a story nobody else would get.
I'm not knowledgeable and I'm stubborn,
cause I never know, and I always insist.