Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Nobody is alright.
As my fate ripped me apart,

apart from my own home,
from my own love.

As others have felt it too.
I couldn't even fight back.

No, I think I don't need to.
All the love that I knew I had,

are they just pretty illusions? A dream,
that I someday have to wake up from.

Or is this life a nightmare, the
one we can never escape from?

Easy to say it, I don't normally complain.
I just tether all the thoughts and feelings,

craft them anew and
carve them aside.

All the pain and all the prayers,
won't they fit together in a circle?

Someday you'll see,
I was never alright.

I don't want to be alright.
I'm afraid if I found out that I'm

the only one who's alright.
I'll be alone and I can't be with you.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Many, many things there are
that I need to clean up before dawn.

Where's the glory in waiting?
Patience only gave me too little strength.

Just why I never understand,
I have things that I need by heart.

But my heart just choose not to,
it seems to be frozen in time.

I no longer believe, I no longer
feel. I am just this once unsure.

But I don't understand how, just
how bad could this be? Love?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

To me

What would be of tomorrow?
I would never know.

The moonlight was taken from me.
And among the clouds there's not a silver lining.

Why is it painful to be apart?
I already know how to live alone.

Do we always struggle in love,
is it just a natural thing to feel?

She is so lovely I can't deny it,
and now her smile is so clear I just can't let go of it.

Is there any way to keep it?
Maybe, but not that I know of.

I hope time understands me,
because time is my only hope.

If she'd like to,
I'll go anywhere with her.

Because yesterday the universe danced,
and the skies carried her to me.