Sunday, November 27, 2016


I turned another leaf,
a quarter is torn but it's still good

I forgot my pain
but a scar I couldn't hide from you

this skin is weakened,
getting bitter with every iron it sheds.

your kiss was bliss,
but I kept on dreaming.

When I woke up you were gone,
away to some work you've decided before.

It must be good,
to be busy of some sort.

I turned another leaf,
I think this time it is perfect,

but all along, it was.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

First Sonnet

Said a picture speaks of a thousand words,
yet still a thousand words I have to write.
Beneath her songs are the beautiful chords,
but love is not what she seeks in spite.

Caressing souls, deceiving perceptions,
of course none could face against the richest.
Weddings and more meaningless receptions,
and some more lives taken by the tempest.

Peace is something I was never born for,
it was something that I learned by heart.
And know for what pleasures I seek before,
left nothing but a world falling apart.

Time may have all the answers but not mine,
for it is found when life and death align.