Monday, December 12, 2011

Nothing Was Ever Right

Because I am not anymore that knight,
who used to stand alone with his might.

I thought everything was going to be alright,
but again I must find my space and insight.

That prophecy could have always been right,
but there again I saw another day in light.

And in it, my principle came to know its blight
and its bitterness, as it left me that night.

Now alone I felt what I've worn is too tight,
and I never knew a single thing about this fight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Rain after rain,
I could have felt more pain.

But after all, here's my last morning.
only the sun and its light, entering.

I could have told you my desire,
but then you've seen me as a liar.

Now you know, I was never wise,
as never my heart could melt any ice.

Whether you gave me rum or wine,
all I could ever do is whine.

And so I wish I could care less,
as in this evening I could guess.

I'll see you again in this tiny city,
which killed my senses, in its enigmatic entity.

And to me, it wasn't love that I would address,
it was the lesson in your honest distress.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love and Likely

But how do I know,
how would I believe and understand.

So funny, as all these times,
all I ever cared about was you.

Remind me of the new things I find,
my memories are colliding back.

Can't say what's beautiful,
I've known just less than my eyes.

Too blind I am, and over time
with my deaf ears I can hear people say;

Keep what's precious to you,
avoid the harmful ones.