Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I'm tired of being weak, far from what I have inside.
Still I am weak, and I don't know how to stop being so.

Does being good at something really cost a thousand days?
If so, I am just being impatient, am I not?

Do I ever care about what I will give everyday?
I care more about what I will get everyday instead.

Knowing a problem doesn't always solve it.
But isn't ignorance what I despise the most?

I hate to question everything,
yet I hate being so sure of everything.

I know I've lived with contradictions, so I made peace with it.
So tell me why wouldn't you?

People out there despise contradictions in others,
while they are in fact ignorant to their own contradictions.

And we stand with all the reasons we have,
against all the fears we despise of.

To proof that we are good,
but still bad.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Tomorrow

I work faster because I am lazy.
I know more because I always doubt myself.
I never give up because I never succeed.
I think about what I choose to think.

I stay silent when I listen. They are using the same letters for a reason.
Words are powerful, but their roots are in thyself.

For wisdom is a mountain, you'll have to climb by yourself.
Borrowing stories from hikers doesn't make you one.

As in poetry and books, we love because we don't know.
And just when we think we know, love slowly fades into acceptance.

I always doubt myself, so that my love for things never stops.
But it seems all of these are immature.

So I have to throw them away.
To live today, and not tomorrow.