Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Chattering of this room,
suddenly I miss the sunrise in my hometown.

Glancing at a few drops of morning dew,
while listening to the church bells ringing from afar.

Wouldn't the birds sing hence they see each other?
I was stuck in my computer nevertheless.

Looking for answers to the questions,
questions I didn't want to answer but

now they have brought me far, far away from home.
Which made me think in deeper a sense,

was this happiness the one I was looking for?
But I guess everyone would ask that.

I eventually knew that, no one can give you the answer.
You have to construct that on your own.

You know, in the end I didn't finish my answer.
Once I look back, I kind of see that:

the morning dew still would have dropped
as the church bells rang, and the birds still sang.

Suddenly I missed the sunrise in my hometown.
I am stuck in my computer nevertheless.