Monday, November 23, 2009


Reflect everything upon everything.

I'm bored of it.
Nothing will ever change.
But also will ever stay.

Thanks for everything.
It's my time to just walk.
Or never again.

Monday, November 16, 2009


If they say that life is bitter,
let them say so.

It's not that I could live out my dreams,
I'm just stuck in this gap,
which divides dreams and reality,
which divides me and them.

Do I live in my dreams?
Or is this a haunting by the demons,
that made me dream what I don't live.
And I keep dreaming about what I don't understand.

Everyday, it's just like this.
I've lived twice each day; once here, once there.

I've forgotten for how long,
but it has been like this long enough.
I'm not tired physically,
but my mind is extremely exhausted.

Maybe I should rest, but I can't.
Maybe I should die, but I won't.

And it's starting to bother me,
that I'm still stuck in this gap.

I'm dying, because I couldn't care less about them.
And my life starts to dissipate vaguely.

May I choose my path, I don't care.
Cheer me up, can you?


A few years ago,
I used to enjoy these hours.
The most deserted hours of a day.
Then, why do I feel lonely to death today?

I was alone, let's say was also lonely.
Though, I wanted to be there.
So today might be the last day I'd come here.
Cause I've had enough of this place.

Let's talk about this deserted place,
to kill some of my precious time.
And for me to remember it someday.
Just a bit, after such a long time.

A computer,
an internet connection.
A refrigerator,
some refreshments.

A table,
some piles of papers and books.
Another table,
some other piles.

A door,
two cinemags posters.
Another door,
a sometimes-moving-itself handle.

Some furniture,
some paintings.
A clock,

I used to play here.
Believe it or not,
some places are just different on different hours.
So, I'll never play here again, I guess.

Maybe your age could really change you.
In my case, what was good is now pointless.
Just in about 2 years,
this day may never really be good again.

But it was good anyway,
and today is good nevertheless.
And there goes my tears,
oh, I yawned.

I think I can't cry anymore.
So what they've told me might be true.
I've cried too much.
Maybe I have insufficient tears to cry again.

Well, I'm lucky to be able to yawn.
No, I didn't stay up late.
I've just waken up early.

I used to enjoy waking up at these hours,
between midnight and dawn.
Visiting this deserted place,
waiting for what I didn't know.

Why does time go away?
I don't know.
Maybe I'll never know.

Just thinking about years
to the past,
and to the future.
We're weak and hopeless.

But thinking about the present,
we're invincible.
Somebody has waken up.

Well, dawn is coming.
This place will be gone in a few more seconds.
Let this be a goodbye,
and a good night.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just choose,
life's just a set of choices.

There's no good deal,
and so is there any bad deal.

You waited for her,
and next, you left her.

No big deal,
or it might be.

But you regret it,
or maybe you don't?

Now it seems that you can't choose anymore,
leave it there.

Just get back to what it calls,
just choose, or not.

And remember,
choosing is a choice, too.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Everybody likes white.
Rarely one would like another color.

I mean, lies are usually white.
White lies, told on purpose or told by habits.

Life's usually more than just white.
But, it's just how you accept the colors, the matter that is.

Or you could live a lie, as you may think,
as long as it is white, it doesn't matter anymore, it is clean and pleasing to be seen.

Just, what color do you want to see the most?

Tomorrow may splat your canvas un-white,
You may cover it again with white.

It's your canvas, isn't it?
Colors, what are the differences?

As long as you cover it with white, everything will be okay.
You might be okay.

But, there you can get your lesson.
Lie white, everybody likes it.

It's just why honesty is a great value.
Cause the canvas will be colorful.

Though and so, it's not white anymore.