Friday, March 12, 2010


I understand now,
I really understand it,
or I just probably feel that I understand.

Science of this,
that of that,
every life has it.

That I'll probably miss you,
I'll probably regret it,
but it's just another joy I've found.

And I'll probably regret it,
again and again.
Cause it'll be just another joy again.

I'm confused, girl.
I'll probably be alone,
or I'll probably be with you.

But it never matters,
doesn't it?
Love doesn't hate.

I'll probably regret it,
but I just love it.
So, let's just let it be.

Till we meet again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Her Smile

I haven't met her again since then,
so how could I saw her smile?

Dreams could be just dreams,
past could be just past.

Maybe the time could not hear me,
I just wanted to see her smile once again.

But, I'm still growing up.
That's how love still binds me.

If only I could be mature enough,
maybe I won't be needing you.

Then, I saw her, smiling at me anyway.
But now I know, it was just an illusion, wasn't it?