Monday, January 24, 2011


But what is it like to kill your dreams?
Everything was magnificent.

Is it true if it is false?
Many tried, some failed.

Few got out, none lived.
Everything is possible,

but destroying possibilities,
will henceforth call a divine punishment.

Will Heaven accept those who don't even live,
as Hell would not try to refuse them?

Less could you say,
more could you hear.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If any emotion should be precise,
I'd rather live forever without them.

All of us are interpreting things as they are.
Such emotions my consciousness recalls.

Too many misinterpretations, are there not?
Never wished for anything but bitterness in cups of coffee.

What a mistake, that coffee would be just for me.
How everyone else would get different ideas of their cups of coffee?

One teaspoon of sugar, more or less.
Another shot of caffeine, why not?

And probably some portions of milk.
Be aware of it.

Cause our interpretations are the same as our ideal cups of coffee.
Are they the same for you and me?

Are yours the same as mine?

By the way, serve it sugarless,
and let me get the milk by myself.