Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Chattering of this room,
suddenly I miss the sunrise in my hometown.

Glancing at a few drops of morning dew,
while listening to the church bells ringing from afar.

Wouldn't the birds sing hence they see each other?
I was stuck in my computer nevertheless.

Looking for answers to the questions,
questions I didn't want to answer but

now they have brought me far, far away from home.
Which made me think in deeper a sense,

was this happiness the one I was looking for?
But I guess everyone would ask that.

I eventually knew that, no one can give you the answer.
You have to construct that on your own.

You know, in the end I didn't finish my answer.
Once I look back, I kind of see that:

the morning dew still would have dropped
as the church bells rang, and the birds still sang.

Suddenly I missed the sunrise in my hometown.
I am stuck in my computer nevertheless.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Days have passed,
I stride without sight.

And I found my coin,
that long ago I buried within.

The carved words are like a memento,
of the notes that vanished in a concerto.

I have to sing when it's the right time,
or else I'll forget everything that's mine.

I kind of love you,
but looking at those stars, I soon forget about you.

Sorry if I don't actually like being a human,
but anyway, I get to know things I wouldn't notice if I weren't.

Life is so beautiful now that I remember,
I could have died before I could even remember.

So here again I'd like to get some lines,
right from the cheerful side of mine.

And I know it's not always great to live,
but I guess it's kind of great just to be alive.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Why are we so sure of ourselves;
and again in words we try to describe.
See how they are left, in vain again.

All the statements in our minds are yet to be dangerous,
which I always hope I could just release myself from.

Things we know by heart, can never be lingually spoken.

There's no need to try so much,
There's no need to try at all.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Beauty lies in immediacy,
Still untouchable.

Obscene, yet unchangeable.
it is purely striking.

Yet it feels closer than
never far away from

It challenges everyone,
and leave them torn apart.

A curse,
and an evil.

An angel,
and a blessing.

It tortured its participants,
and let no one win.

Be careful will you,
and stay calm.

Take a distance from it,
owners and spectators.

our hearts and
everything else.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


How I wish
I can see both sides

darkness of the night,
and the light of day.

I have the body that binds me so
to the leniency of humanity.

To be true, I am a son of the sun,
yet a servant of the moon.

Therefore, I don't stay in one path,
nor in another.

I disagreed to everything,
but I agreed to changes.

The changes,
they were all that I believed in.

The most beautiful time of day,
is indeed when it changes,

between day and darkness,
as between night and light.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Believe me, I don't even need love.
It disperses in this blood I carry.

It doesn't mean you're wrong,
I'm the one at fault.

I would use truth for my own,
throw it away when it's unworkable.

I believe that's what I naturally do to people as well.
I thought for their happiness, but it was for my own.

I don't want to be somebody else,
so I kept changing myself.

But I know nothing of direction,
and again I ran around, in circle.

I was a friend to anyone,
but always a burden for everyone.

Still, I can't hope for things to go right,
while I myself hasn't done any so.

If there's anything I can't do,
it's because I never believe in myself.

Believe me, I never do.
People believe in me, but I never do.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Isn't it time that always binds us?
Tells us to give up, but we never do.

Tells us to wake up, to sleep.
Eat and drink, maybe not anymore.

Sometimes I'd like to imagine,
how our life would be without time?

While time itself is a precious gift,
it's both our curse and burden alike.

Maybe I can ignore time,
for it is what makes us finite and weak.

Or conquer it, but how?

As every year I was never able to.
I never want to know how anymore.

But maybe it isn't so bad at all.
Without time, we could have never existed.

Still is it a worthless thought?
For all that lives, time has given a chance.

Melancholy or not, we had to know.
Our existence here is never by chance,

Time has promised us this life,
and only time would take it back from us.

and if there's anyone who would misjudge you,
it is nothing much, really.

Because only the last judgement matters,
and the last judgement stands only in the hands of Time.