Saturday, April 30, 2011


I don't quite understand,
why is it that rain falls so quickly?

Earth calls me around noon,
as her tears stood in place.

Quickly step on your stairs,
frail or not your toes may be.

Sinking my glass in wine,
totally forget what night reveals.

Hated your sadness,
but can't do anything to love you.

All that I have left inside,
is nothing but this compass of passion.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If Not

When the light greet me,
I'd remember you and smile.

For every song I love to sing,
for every prayer that fades away.

I'll talk with the wind about you,
and get him to send all my love.

Just that I care about you,
and not to forget myself.

I can't stop chasing my dreams,
and so shouldn't you.

Then treat everyone with love,
if not affection.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I thought I took the right path,
in one of every love I'd see.

And you left me here standing still,
crying out of my own enigma.

As I would keep trying,
I knew you don't need me.

Still, everyday I live just for you.
Hoping that no wasn't the same as never.

As you'd always look somewhere else.
Can't you look where I am now?

Maybe the pain within me
could get better at the least.

And probably I'll miss you again,
like every other love I'd get.

Now and then if you're happy still,
I guess I'm not the one to interfere.

The world's still together with me,
and the rest as usual.


The morning dew remembers me,
to a secret the sun whispered me.

When her light cheered me up,
nothing could ever make me sad.

Some wonderful things I know,
I couldn't share them to you,

since you're so far beyond my reach.
Yet I hope the wind could travel me there,

and I'll tell the world to embrace you,
cause I'm starting to miss your smile.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Don't care what's extraordinary,
don't care what is right.

They're talking like they have known everything,
They're knowing what they talk about, not?

What's my point of talking,
if what I'd like to hear is only agreement?

What's my point of hearing,
if what I'd do next is just to counter aimlessly?

I've traveled with my brother,
around every thoughts you've known,

and most of the possibilities in everyone,
or probably every way of thinking.

Speak to me of your thoughts,
and I'll tell you some about the journey I had.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'd miss many things,
but my thoughts would cheer me up once more.

It was clearly fair to love life,
or befriend with hate sometimes.

The more I spend my days with you,
the less could I dream and lie.

For it is painful to wait,
as to know the time,

never run from your fate,
but charge onward with all your might.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I wonder what the world is up to.
What aim should we take?

What promise would it fulfill?
A pile of problems is just another day for me.

Of course the fact that everything you see
which is real just to yourself alone

can never be taken as a resistance
against everyone's step of recollection.

Now tell me, isn't it fair to be sinful,
if every other sins can only be forgiven?

Don't even wish that I'd expect your answers,
cause I've known how they would be so useless.

If any romance could only betray me,
I'll serve beauty and be heartless instead.