Sunday, July 29, 2012


Running around, I never stopped.
Going through the sea of concrete.

It is never easy to let fate win,
and so shouldn't you.

I couldn't give myself a holiday,
because I deserve none.

But I guess I ran out of choices,
and my luck was of nothing much.

In the morning, I'd first pray
so that everyone I love

will still be loved by this evening.
As for me, I've had enough.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Monday, walking through the garden road,
tired but I rarely stopped.

Under some trees I slowed down for a while,
as I met a little kitten that made me smile.

I wondered if I could take it home,
but never mind it was just another one for some.

Tuesday, some leaves were falling,
they reminded me of those days I had spent alone.

Alone, under many dreams I had walked,
and one by one they fell before me, untouched.

The old man swept them with his broom,
as the kitten watched him from a few feet beside.

Wednesday, the old man smiled at me.
I felt guilty if I don't, so I smiled back.

I know my smile was such a rotten one.
But for him, it was already fine.

As for the kitten, the rotten fish is already fine.
So I walked by, carrying my groceries back home.

Thursday, I got a load of work to do,
I barely glanced at the garden.

So I walked faster to save my time.
Seems I don't even remember I was walking that day.

Or so it seems, the garden had perished
and disappeared from my memories.

Friday, all the leaves had fallen to the ground,
it seems the season had pretty much changed.

And I saw nothing but the lonely bench,
so I sat there and waited for a few minutes.

The old man and the kitten,
they never showed up.

Saturday, another man was sweeping the leaves.
I asked where had the previous worker gone.

Haven't you heard, he drowned in the river there?
As he pointed to the river beside the garden.

I thought it wouldn't concern me much to walk there.
And that was where I found the kitten.

Sunday, the man told me his body had been found on Friday morning.
So supposedly they had drowned on Thursday, around evening.

If only I were to take the kitten on Monday.
Or to share something from my groceries on Wednesday.

Or to walk slower on Thursday.
Maybe I could keep better stories about them.