Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Believe me, I don't even need love.
It disperses in this blood I carry.

It doesn't mean you're wrong,
I'm the one at fault.

I would use truth for my own,
throw it away when it's unworkable.

I believe that's what I naturally do to people as well.
I thought for their happiness, but it was for my own.

I don't want to be somebody else,
so I kept changing myself.

But I know nothing of direction,
and again I ran around, in circle.

I was a friend to anyone,
but always a burden for everyone.

Still, I can't hope for things to go right,
while I myself hasn't done any so.

If there's anything I can't do,
it's because I never believe in myself.

Believe me, I never do.
People believe in me, but I never do.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Isn't it time that always binds us?
Tells us to give up, but we never do.

Tells us to wake up, to sleep.
Eat and drink, maybe not anymore.

Sometimes I'd like to imagine,
how our life would be without time?

While time itself is a precious gift,
it's both our curse and burden alike.

Maybe I can ignore time,
for it is what makes us finite and weak.

Or conquer it, but how?

As every year I was never able to.
I never want to know how anymore.

But maybe it isn't so bad at all.
Without time, we could have never existed.

Still is it a worthless thought?
For all that lives, time has given a chance.

Melancholy or not, we had to know.
Our existence here is never by chance,

Time has promised us this life,
and only time would take it back from us.

and if there's anyone who would misjudge you,
it is nothing much, really.

Because only the last judgement matters,
and the last judgement stands only in the hands of Time.